Chapel Hill, NC – A Hub Of Recreational Activities

If you live in Chapel Hill, NC, or are visiting the area, then there are plenty of places you can visit to have a gala time. These include museums, nature parks, historical places, and even unique restaurants and pubs. Here’s a small list of places that you can do a quick visit to if you are in the area.

Detention Girls

Detention Girls - Punishing Bratty GirlsFirst and the most important thing you need to know about Chapel Hill is the enormous fame of Detention Girls series – a place in the web where bratty girls and being taught a lesson of behavior. These guys can’t stand swing of mood of these naive girls so they decide to take matters into their hands and give them a proper punishment.

Carolina Basketball Museum

If you are a fan of the sport, then this is an absolutely must visit for you. It houses one of the largest range of memorabilia belonging to the history of basketball. And if you are not into the game, it’s still a great learning experience that can teach you about the history of the sport.

Botanical Garden

If you are a nature lover, then this is going to be a great experience for you. Not only is the NC botanical garden huge in size, but it also hosts various native plants that can not be found otherwise. But make sure you take a day trip to this botanical garden since it closes early on.

Downtown Chapel hill

The heaven for any lover of the city life, this is a street filled to the brim with eateries and pubs serving some of the finest international cuisines and the fanciest cocktails you can find. Spend a lavish evening filling the pleasures of your mouth and mind at the Downtown Chapel Hill.

Auckland Art Museum

With over 17,000 prices of art curated into this single structure this is a must visit for anyone interested in art in general. The museum also houses a grand collection of Asian art that span across generations and geographies.

Kidzu Children’s Museum

Travelling with children? This museum aims to provide children with hands on experience regarding various activities that are a part of life. Not only will your child have a great time, but they will also inherit productive skills out of the time spent here. And this also provides you the opportunity to relax while your child is kept busy.

Old Chapel Hill Cemetery

For those looking for some peace and quiet and at the same time having a flair of history, this is the perfect place to visit on any sunny afternoon. The graves of various slave revolvers are situated here and that makes for a great historical monument visit.

Gimghoul Castle

Although this was a famed ‘spooky castle’ that tourists would visit, now it is a private property that can not be entered without permission. But if you still visit the area, you are surely to hear a few local tales about the history of the castle. Such Uncanny visits are a great addition to any traveller’s repertoire.

So, regardless of the type of traveller you are, you are bound to find an activity that pertains to your area of interest. Chapel Hill is a great area to spend either a leisurely day dipping in relaxing activities, or to travel extensively and visit great monuments and museums.