Top 5 Reasons Why North Carolina Should Be In Your Bucket List

North Carolina is one of the favorite destinations of US citizens and the reasons why can be counted in dozens. The thing is that not many people from outside the country know just how amazing this place is. From the Outer Banks to the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains to history and foodie´s wonder, North Carolina has got it all to offer. Read on and find out which are the five reasons you have to give this place a visit at some point in your life.

My Sis Loves Me

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Sis Loves Me is a real treat if you are into step siblings porn videos. While it might not sound like something you want to see in NC – trust us – this is a real gem in the genre. With over 200 episodes available for free streaming you are going to spend some quality time. And you can do it all while visiting and traveling through North Carolina best places described below!

Outer Banks

A strange geographical formation, these barrier islands run off the coast at North Carolina. They serve as the separating point between the mainland and the open-sea Atlantic Ocean. You can make a bonfire on the sand, go to the spot where the Wright Brothers first flew off and pay homage flying a kite and just enjoy the wonderful beach-side areas of park and fun. This is a one-of-a-kind landscape not to be missed at all.

Blue Ridge

A campsite overlooking the Blue Ridge Mountains in the Cherokee Reservation just east of Asheville, North Carolina

It has been called the country´s favorite ride in many occasions and is one of the most beautiful rides in the continent. This winding path goes around the hills and takes you through scenery that is breathtaking to say the least. Doing this ride in autumn will grant you a festival of amazing colors in many tones of red and brown. Also, park the car and go into one of the numerous hiking trails along the way. It is guaranteed that Blue Ridge Mountains will put a big smile upon your face.


There is much to do in Asheville. First, you have the biggest home in the country which is the Biltmore Estate and is definitely worth a visit. Also, once you are tired and thirsty of going through all that luxury, have a wine tasting at the estate´s winery. Once you are done with that, head downtown and enjoy one of the premium home-brewed beers in the city with more breweries-per-capita in the country. You won´t go thirsty in this precious town, that is a sure thing!

Of Pirates And History

Blackbeard was one of the most feared pirates of his age and after sailing most of the known and unknown world, he decided to dock in North Carolina to call it home. You can head to Beaufort and appreciate all the artifacts left from his ship at the North Carolina Maritime Museum. If you are really into pirates, though, you can take the pirate tour that will take you to all the important sites and tell you all about the story of the kings of the sea.


Regardless if you are a foodie or not, North Carolina´s barbeque is completely unique and deserves to be tasted. Their vinegar-based sauce that is poured over the succulent pieces of pork and served with baked beans, hush puppies, coleslaw salad and a big cup of sweet tea make one of the best Southern meals you will ever try. Of course, you can always add to this a glass of the region´s own wine or a big pint of beer for extra pleasure; food and beverage doesn´t get much better than this.


If you have been to this beautiful state you can say that all these attractions named in this article are true and need to be tried by all visitors. If you haven´t yet visited this amazing state, these five reasons should be more than enough to add it to your bucket list. Head south today and find the wonders of North Carolina today.