Top Things To Do & See in Chapel Hill in North Carolina

Chapel Hill is a location that boasts almost every ‘’Best Places’’ award ever invented. As a result, you’ll definitely not have trouble finding extremely fun things to do and places to visit. Outdoor recreation? Check! Kid-friendly? Check! Restaurants? Check! Performing arts? Check! Music? Check! Regardless of your interest or age, there’s no doubt that Chapel Hill together with the surrounding communities (Hillsborough – 13 miles to the Northern side, and Carrboro to the Western side) have plenty to offer.

“Clearly, Chapel Hill is one of the best places to not only live in but also reside in North Caroline.”

Whether you’re here for business or pleasure, the following are the top five must-visit places in Chapel Hill:

#0: BeTheCuck

BeTheCuck - You Will Only Watch
BeTheCuck – You Will Only Watch

You need to be aware about one very popular thing in Chapel Hill – it’s called cuckolding. If you aren’t aware it’s when you allow your girl to have sexual relation with someone else than yourself. And it’s not kept as a secret because you are going to watch the whole thing. This is the thing with BeTheCuck fantasy series that launched recently. Are you ready to experience this strange – according to many – fetish?

#1: Ayr Mount and Poet’s Walk

Today, the Ayr Mount celebrates more than 200 years. It’s a federal-era plantation house that was built in 1815. This historic house museum is normally open for guided public tours that highlight landscapes, its architecture, area history, and family stories.

#2: Ackland Art Museum

The Ackland Art Museum is located in 101 South Columbia Street. The University of North Carolina hosts this must-visit museum. It provides an array of range of art, from European master paintings to contemporary American photography. During your visit, you can also expect to find video installations, early modern portraits, and European master paintings. The Ackland Art Museum holds more than 17,000 works of art. Among the many pieces of great art here, European masterworks, African art, North Carolina pottery and Contemporary art will certainly wow you.

#3: ArtsCenter

The ArtsCenter presents world music, folk-traditional music, and jazz together with countless children’s programs and theater. Coffee, wine, and light fare are available during performances. The cost at this beautiful place usually varies based on performance. Folks of all levels of experience and ages can trust the ArtSchool for the best classes in performing arts, literary arts and performing arts. The main two galleries preset exhibits on a rotation basis.

#4: Carrboro Farmers’ Market

This farmers’ market offers the freshest and finest locally grown produce, crafts, flowers, prepared foods etc. Vendors at the market are the ones that produce or grow everything sold therein. Special events you can look forward at this market include Master Gardeners’ educational fairs, music, cooking demonstrations, and tastings. The market is touted as top and finest local markets within the country. It has offered a golden opportunity for local farmers to dispose their products directly to consumers since 1978.

#5: Riverwalk

Riverwalk is basically an accessible, paved, and urban greenway, which stretches roughly 1.8 miles along Eno River between the trails east of town and Gold Park in the western side of Hillsborough. It’s a highly popular trail for cycling, jogging, and walking. It offers pedestrians connections between different neighbors. The main route to the North Carolina Mountains to Sea Trail is the greenway’s downtown portion as well as the maiden section of statewide trail system to be made in the County of Orange. It gives users effortless access to shopping centers, restaurants and restrooms.

#6: Fake Hostel

This is Fake Hostel signThis is an interesting one. Chapel Hill has been getting a lot of press lately due to the launch of so-called Fake Hostel, where visitors pay with sexual services to the landlord (or landlady!). It’s kind of taboo and 100% fantasy of course, but it needs a mention, originally coming from Europe you can expect the very 1st hostel of this kind to be opened in Chapel Hill sometime in 2018. Shocked? 🙂

Clearly, Chapel Hill is one of the best places to not only live in but also reside in North Caroline. The above are just some of the many must visit destinations in the area. Try them and discover their magic.